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Studies & Articles

The following article is about scientific testing done on scribe-fitted log walls and their resistance to fire.

Fire Resistance of Log Homes
by Dalibor Houdek PhD, 2001


We have asked one of our structural engineers to inspect a log home in Christchurch after two large earthquakes - September 2010 and February 2011.

Preliminary Structural Essessment

of a log home after Christchurch earthquake

by Batchelar&McDougall Consulting, Structural & Civil Engineers, 2011


- THE PRESS - : Wigram MP and Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton explains why he favours rebuilding Christchurch in wood. An article published in The Press.

Wood ideal material for rebuild
by Jim Anderton, March 15,2011


- THE PRESS - : Susan Krumdieck, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Canterbury University published this article in The Press. She talkes about earthquake-resilient building designs and houses built from large solid logs....

What Dreams May Come
by Susan Krumdieck, March ,2011


- New Zealand Timber Industry Federation - an article including facts about benefits of building with wood.

The Benefits of Building With Wood
by New Zealand Timber Industry Federation, April ,2011




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