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Family Homes

On this page you will find examples of Family homes we built. If you want to find out more about any of these homes, please contact us.


SADDLE NOTCH home, Mackenzie, NZ

Design of this home have been inspired by our popular Clearwater plan.




Castle Hill, NZ
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious loft.
197 sq.m and some great log features including forked tree posts, log wall draws and arches.
Only 2 days for full assembly on site.

Pictures curtesy of Conor Boyd.




Oamaru, Otago

3 bedrooms, two story home. Living areas of 220sqm downstairs and 75sqm upstairs. Pictures here.




Coromandel, North Island, NZ

Settled in native bush in Coromandel, single story

237 m2. A new home for us!




Alpine Retreat - please browse through these pictures of Alpine Retreat built in Wakatipu basin. Pictures here.





TuaMarina, Blenheim
520 sqm, 2 storied house. Features 4 beautifully handcrafted trusses and complex log roof system. More pics here.





Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie Country
True family house. April 2012 .

More info and photos HERE.


Hawea Flat

4 bedrooms, main floor 170 sqm, second floor 80 sqm.




3 bedrooms, 115 sqm main floor, 50 sqm second floor.




"Davis and Taylor House" In Twizel, Mackenzie Country, South Island. Three bedrooms, 2 stories, and a "T" shape floor plan of about 186 square meters. 128sq m down, 58 sq m up.





Madison, Wisconsin, USA
We delivered and assembled this house in the USA in May, 2006. Enclosed and finished by Baileys Log Homes of Poynette. Design by Robbin Obomsawin.



Maruia Home, NZ
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and double garage attached. 185 sqm main floor, 98 sqm second floor.





Marlborough — Helicopter Assembly
There was no road access to the building site, so we got as close as we could, and then flew every log in by helicopter.

This was safe and effective - we assembled this house in just 10 hrs, so the cost was not prohibitive either.





Hobbit Door House

Waiau, NZ. 164sqm main floor, 135 sqm second floor.

Please click here for more of Hobbit door pictures and article.



 Lawson Cypress home in Mid-Canterbury

These logs are larger than our typical log diameters - they average almost 400mm in diameter. The biggest logs are larger than 650mm.

Log common rafter roof system--a beautiful, and not common, roof system that has a heavy timber ridge and log rafters.





Mount Lyford Village
A large, beautiful home: 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.





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